Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Surgery yesterday, laziness today.

Using this tree photo, 
I was experimenting with trying to draw a tree from a photo.  This is before I blurred it with a wet paintbush.
And this is after.  I didn't get the proportions just right, but I think it looks okay.  

I did this very early in the morning, yesterday, before we left for the surgery.

And I drew this last night.  It's not done.  First I drew with a marker, then colored, and then went over to blend colors with a wet paint brush.  Later, I will do some outlining and write some words. 

Current new scrap-ghan.  I am too frugal, to buy yarn, so this is the best option for me.  :-)  

I had surgery yesterday, a small thing, but it always is a big deal, because you have to get up early and go through all the procedures, but it turned out okay.  Everyone treated me really well and it was over quickly from my point of view.  Of course, I was  asleep for 2 hours.   My husband was the one to had to do all the waiting and he was a trooper.  I had a little discomfort when I first woke up, coming out of the anesthesia, but no real medical issues.  Now that it is over, I can concentrate on getting ready for my son's visit and Thanksgiving next week!  Yay!  Also, I have the day off today.  I am very much looking forward to art journaling and crocheting without feeling guilty about my idleness.  Of course, I do a lot of art journaling and crocheting normaly, but I feel guilty about not doing other things and now I won't have to.  :-)

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Tracee said...

I'm so glad everything went well with your surgery. You definitely deserve some guilt-free down time. Enjoy!

Your art is always incredible and inspiring. Keep up the good work. :)


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