Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Having fun!

We took the town tour today and we went and met with the homeschool group.  We practically took over the Fazoli's.  It was awesome.  :-)  We are enjoying our son being home and the process of getting to know his girlfriend, who is very sweet.  Since we homeschool, we cancelled school for the youngest this week.  If his big brother is home, he's not in school.  The big brother is away at school just enough time each year so we can get our school work done here with this rule. They are playing Mario right now and we are baking gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow, I may go do a little shopping  I've recently started doing some reviews and things for Family Christian Stores and I've learned some interesting things about these stores.  First of all, they are nonprofit.  They give all of their profits to charity.  This week, it is a charity working to free people who are victims of human trafficking.  That's something we don't like to think about when it's this time of year and we are sitting in our homes feeling thankful, but with this promotion, we can go shopping for a gift for someone and help someone else at the same time.  That's a win-win.

Also, this week, they will have some great things for sale   For example, they will have the Little People Nativity for 21.49 STARTING tomorrow, November 26, 2014, which is the best deal I've ever seen on it.  I've always wanted one ... so this might be my year.  :-)

Today, is one month away from Christmas, can you believe that????!!!!!

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