Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Art Class Yesterday!

My daughter painted Elsa.
We had a great art class yesterday.  One of the members of the homeschool group is an artist and has a sister who is an artist and runs an art studio.  She basically let us have the run of the place, let us use canvases, paint and paint brushes, let us look things up on her computer and print them out on her very nice color printer so that we could try and paint them.  Then she went around giving valuable advice on how to make our paintings better.  It was awesome.  
My son did this bear.

I painted a tree, while looking at a painting on Pinterest.

My son painted this sword.

I painted this tree across 4 tiny canvases.

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Tracee said...

Y'all are some awesomely talented artists! WOW!


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