Saturday, November 08, 2014

Keeping busy.

We are keeping busy.  My son has finished the world history curriculum that he started last year and wanted to finish this year, so we may be looking at getting him another subject, to replace it.  His main educational need at this point is to learn to spell, so that is probably what we will get started on now.  I also promised him either violin or piano lessons, so we may get started on that.  We may also put this off until January.  Since he's been doing a lot of subjects with his sister, he really doesn't need much else.  His dyslexia/dysgraphia combo brought with it giftedness in other areas, so in many ways, he's really advanced.  

I went to see my mom yesterday and she's doing much better.  When I compare how she seems now to how she was when she first moved her there, versus now, theres' a huge difference.  She has friends now and most of the time, she seems like she is comfortable there.  She did get a little upset last week when her sister and I visited together, I am not sure why but the last couple of times I have been there by myself, it's been really a nice visit.  We have been working on the scrap-ghan together, which is fun to do and it is an ice breaker for conversations with the other residents as well.

We are getting excited about my son and his girlfriend visiting for Thanksgiving and thinking about what we will do when they are here, how we will manage to visit all of the relatives and eat all of the dinners.  :-)  That's a good problem to have.


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