Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy 5th of July. :-)

I forgot to blog on the fourth, so I didn't wish anyone a happy fourth and now it's too late, but have a happy fifth as part of the whole 3-day weekend thing.  :-)  My husband was off work yesterday, but my son and I did have to work.  When you work for a hospital as I do or a grocery store as he does, some of the smaller holidays, you just don't expect to get them off.   After work, I went to see my mom, who is doing okay.  The way our visits go has changed somewhat and she is becoming more peer dependent there at the facility, bonding with her peers and making friends, which I am all-for and very happy about.  She does still enjoy seeing me and we do talk about some of the same things over and over, but one of the concerns last night, was getting back to the group, which I had isolated her from so I could talk to her one-on-one.  I think that is a good thing.  I want what is best for her. 

Then, I came home for an evening of eating spaghetti and setting off fireworks with my family.  Fireworks aren't really my thing, so I watched a few and went in and kept the dogs company for the rest.  Freckles is terrified of fireworks, so I had to do a lot of comforting and she had to go with me while I was in the bathroom and even sat kind of behind the toilet for a while.  Poor kid. 

Anyway, now it is the fifth and I have some very, very difficult reports to transcribe, groceries to get and various other things to do.  I guess we are settling into our new, current normal?  I wonder how long this one will last?  Our son is going to go back to college early this year, so then we'll have to adjust back to the 4 of us, but hopefully mom is done moving for a while.  I hope so.  Also, now we are going to have to focus on selling her house, which I am extremely sad about, but what can I do?  :-(  Just suck it up and deal with it.    New normal. 

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