Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So, a ton of stuff.

For my Monday I got pretty much everything on my list done.  I called everyone I needed to call, cooked a bunch of food to get us through the next couple of days (I've started cooking big batches that we can all warm up whenever.  It's easier.), went to Walmart, took the library books back, turned in the 4H paperwork and went to my doctor's appointment.  I was supposed to go and look at a car, but my husband had something else he needed to do, so I took a nap.  I still feel bad and the doctor's office visit did not give me any immediate answers.  They did a bunch of labs and an electrocardiogram and will call me with the results.  Meanwhile, I still don't have any medicines and the only thing I can really do is just wait it out.  :-(

As to the pictures, the top one is a baby gift.  I framed it in pink.  The other is a map of Norway in the atlas.  My youngest son carries this atlas around reading it all the time.  He found a town called Arendale which he thought maybe was the location for Frozen, but I think that's spelled Arendelle, so probably not the same one.   Just thinking about this made us want to watch the movie again and so we did.   I love Olaf.   :-)

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