Thursday, May 01, 2014

Getting on with it.

So after I curled up in the fetal position for a while and cried, I got up and started trying to find a new place for mom.  As a homeschooler, I am in the very fortunate position to be in a huge email group with other homeschoolers in the state.  I asked for suggestions and got 6 different suggestions of memory care facilities.  I contacted them all through their web sites yesterday and asked for them to call me.  A couple of them did and I have appointments to tour them today.  I feel better.  You have to mourn and then you have to get up and cope.  That's all there is to it.  The one lady I talked to on the phone was very comforting and talking to her made me feel better yesterday.  I am hopeful that the facility that she runs is a good one and that mom could be happy there.  I talked to her about management of behaviors enough to feel that she knows how to handle mom, now I will need to see how well the rest of the staff and the facility look.  We may be moving mom again very soon.  I don't know how I feel about that.  The place she is in is the kind of place we thought we wanted, a family atmosphere, but once your loved one is in a place like that, it's kind of awkward walking into someone else's home ... I don't know how to describe it.  It's just been hard and maybe this new place, though farther away, will be better.  I pray it will.

While doing all this yesterday, I was also working and training for work.  There was a deadline of getting all the training done by 04/30/2014 and that made me have to squeeze quite a bit of it in.  I had a webinar and some Ted talks to watch and a couple of quizzes, one on HIPAA and one on mistakes to complete.  It was funny because the first quiz, the one on HIPAA, they had told us that there was a quiz and we had 3 attempts to pass it and if we didn't pass it, to call human resources ... all that scary stuff, so I took 7 pages of notes during the webinar, only to find that the quiz was 13 questions long and easy-peasy, so easy I could have answered it without even watching the webinar.
For the second quiz, I didn't take any notes, I just paid careful attention while art journaling and hoped I would be prepared for that quiz ....  It had 1 question on it "I watched the videos on mistakes."  Yes/No.  I wonder if anyone flunks that one?

The kids are doing fine, with everything I guess.  They are both reading a lot this week since we have a recent trip to the library, drawing, knitting, crocheting, all the stuff they have been grounded from for the last few weeks a lot of the time.  May is here and the school year is drawing to a close.

I guess I'd better start coping with today.

Have a good one folks!

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