Friday, May 30, 2014

Not much.

There is not much going on this week and it has been GREAT ... a much needed laid-back kind of week.  The cold that my oldest son brought home has made its way through the younger set.  My oldest was well enough to go see grandma yesterday in her new facilty and it was a pretty decent visit.  She is still confused as to where she is, but when we walked in, she was sitting in her room, with her roommate, reading and did not seem to be upset about anything, so that was good.  We gave my son a tour of the place.

The kids have been trying to get over the cold, reading and watching a little TV, mostly reading and it has been really quiet around here and that has been a nice change.  Our phone has been doing that thing it did a while ago, where it rings and it is a long, long ring and when you pick it up, it is just static.  It's annoying, but since my nerves are not completely on edge like they have been most of the year, it is not bothering me quite as much.

My youngest son's school has gotten a bit derailed by this cold and he's not finished yet, but he expects to be today.  We'll see, I guess.

So now I have 2 homeschool graduates and only 1 student for the next 2 years.  He has made a few decisions about his schooling.  He wants to take a musical instrument such as steel drums or violin (not sure why these particular ones) and wants German to be his language study.  Fine with me.  I won't teach them, I'll just find something he can use to teach himself.

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