Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Middle age marches on.

So, the other night, my daughter said one of those snarky, hilarious things that she says and I told her that I was going to blog it, but I forgot and then the next day when I asked her, she had forgotten as well, so that's one little bit of snark that doesn't get recorded.  Oh well.  The kids got their work done last week by the deadline (a miracle) and no one is grounded this week so my daughter has been knitting up a storm and my son has been listening to a lot of audio books.  We also went to the library this weekend, so I have reading material.  I've read The Rosie Project and am most of the way through Divergent.  My reading time has been greatly improved by feeling bad and lying around, doing the minimal work and basically no housework, also spending 2 hours in the doctor's office yesterday.  (Don't ask.)

This week's latest Mom crisis --- it's a BIG one.  The lady at the assisted living family care home has had enough and she wants mom to move out by the end of May.  Pray for us as we scramble to try and find a place for mom.  :-(

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