Friday, April 11, 2014

Homeschool Friday Nights.

It's 9:44 p.m. and my daughter just got done with her geometry lessons and is now done with school work for the week.  My son, surprisingly, got his school work done YESTERDAY.  Can anyone believe it?  I almost can't but I know it's true.  They keep track of their schoolwork publicly with their schedules hanging on the living room wall and he does his work sitting in the living room at the computer so I've seen him doing it.  Over the years, we have had a few instances of kids claiming they have done their work and not having done it, but now they are very responsible and accountable, even going to the point of grounding each other when they don't get done., which makes homeschooling so much easier.  :-) 

I am doing better today emotionally.  The biggest drama today was that this lady who had seen my daughter at 4H the other day, called early this morning (before homeschool kids get up) and wanted a custom crochet item made.  My daughter had to wrestle her phone-calling-phobia (no idea how she got that!) and call the lady back.  She really, really didn't want to (as she said, "with a lot more reallys") but she managed to get it done.  We are very proud.

The lady wanted one of these little bunnies, but in a different color, for her daughter.  So guess what my daughter is making right now?


Amy said...

Oh, I SO wish Clay KNEW the two of you in person. He just thinks I'm silly for not liking to talk on the phone. I mean I REALLY,REALLY don't like it!!!! AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

Fatcat said...

It's a genuine medical condition. :-) I've finally got my husband to be more understanding. He calls and makes doctor's appointments for me.


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