Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This, that and the other things. Random thoughts.

We're in the Carnival of Homeschooling this week!

I forgot to sign out on the new timeclock system from work yesterday and it logged that I had been working all night.  Fun times.

Also, speaking of work, I had all kinds of computer issues yesterday and had to call the help desk because everything was highlighted in blue, everything, and I could not navigate through the document or type anything.  The help desk guy said he'd never seen anything like it.  I like to be different.

I went to see mom last night and we had a good visit.  One of the residents there, who has been there since the last of January, was only supposed to live a week when she came in, but now 3 months later, she is thriving and she is so funny and sassy.  She thinks my brother is so handsome and she flirts with him when he is there.  Also, when she wants more coffee, she starts trying to flatter their caregiver and it is so funny, the things she says.  She keeps us entertained.  As always, there is a lot more going on than I blog about and a lot of things about this journey through alzheimer's have been heartbreaking, but I try to hold onto the good moments.  I  joined an Alzheimer's caregivers support forum on line and it has been helpful to me, just feeling that my brother and I aren't alone in our boat that is steaming straight ahead to a destination we don't want to visit.  :-/

The kids and I watched Boy Meets World season 5 ending last night, when Topanga proposes to Cory at their high school graduation.  I have not idea how this plays out, so don't tell me!  They were the class of 1998 and my youngest son was born in 1998, so it's interesting.  My kids identify with a lot of what the Boy Meets World kids encounter, so it is good that we can watch it and discuss it.  Last night, there was a scene in an art gallery and my son made the comment that he would be afraid to sit down on any benches there in case they were modern art installations, LoL.

Then, somehow, we got in a discussion about homeschooling and how glad we all are that we took this path.  I hate to think what labels my youngest child would have been given.  He went to school for his kindergarten year and about 6 weeks into first grade and had already been given a dyslexia label.  I'm sure that ADHD would have followed and possibly oppositional defiant disorder, after he got angry about being a square peg being pounded into a round hole and it would have been suggested that he be medicated.  At home, we were able to just wait for his reading, writing and character to develop and he has made us proud.   He started reading at 10 and his writing became mostly legible at 15.  He's a great reader; he's writing a novel and he is a gentleman.

Everything's getting green, but it's cold!


Amy said...

Just reading that about your youngest sounds SO much like my younger sister & that's what started my mom on the homeschooling journey. Sarah had the attention span of a flea & in a strict Bob Jones-type christian school she just couldn'g handle it.

Fatcat said...

So were you home schooled too? How cool!


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