Tuesday, April 01, 2014


The kids were talking last night about how they like the way we homeschool. They'd rather not have to do anything at all, but since they do have to do school, they like the way we do it.  Our method has evolved over the years from unit studies and individual work on basics to requiring the basics and then unschooling almost everything else.   They will have plenty of stuff on their high school transcripts, don't worry.  Sometimes I've gotten a little over-exuberant in scheduling things to learn about and they have a pretty good base of knowledge in my opinion.  This year we are doing world history again because it has been a while.  I have a timeline of world history and they are reading it and notebooking it.  One day when they were reading, there was a notation that Clovis, the ruler of Gaul, had died, leaving his kingdom to all 4 of his sons.  There had been no previous notation about anything about Clovis, so when told that he died, the kids hadn't known previously that he had existed.  This led to a lot of hilarity with them looking at each other occasionally and saying "Hey, did you know Clovis died?" 

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