Monday, August 20, 2012

Tacos and more tacos.

We decided on a taco bar for the party on Saturday because tacos are something that the gluten free boy can eat and enjoy.  We served only taco shells and tostadas made from corn.  We had no wheat tortillas and no wheat in the seasoning for the meat.  With it, we had all the fixings, with a lot of yummy fresh veggies from my father-in-law's garden.  Several of my family members asked me if I wanted them to bring something and up until about Wednesday, I said that I could handle it.  Then about Wednesday, I started to feel very overwhelmed and when someone offered help, I said okay.  So a few people brought things. We had a big old spread by the time it was over.  We had 4 crock pots full of taco meat, 2 of chicken and 2 of beef.  I brought home 2 full and 1 with some still in it.  I find that I do not know how to estimate how much people will eat.  Thankfully, it's not a skill I need very often.  The point is, that I overestimated.  I was helped to this by my brother and my mother-in-law who both told me that I didn't have enough meat, so I added 3 pounds to the hamburger meat and 4 pounds to the chicken.  So it is partially their fault that my family is going to be eating tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about a week.  :-P

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Amy said...

I'm bad at estimating like that too. I always lean towards MORE & end up having leftovers. Glad everything went well & that you accepted the help....that's a good skill to learn. ;-) So, when do you leave?


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