Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A quote from each of my children.

My kids still say some of the funniest things.  These are excerpts from yesterday.  The oldest's quote is per Facebook, since he is in Mississippi now.   He said "The sky was clear earlier but now it's getting really cloudy and dark.  Tut, tut, looks like a hurricane"  He does already have a friend's storm shelter to go to so I'm trying not to worry, but classes were cancelled for the next 2 days.  Kind of disconcerting for a landlubber like myself.

Anyway, onto the next one.  Last night, when we were very, very tired, listening to our nightly audio book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, my daughter and I were both lying on her huge bean bag chair.  I wasn't looking at her, so I couldn't tell that her head slipped off the chair (there really wasn't enough room for both of us), I just heard her say kind of pitifully "My head fell off".

And finally, the youngest, who always has the best quotes.  He was reading, for fun, the Book of Revelation.  He said that every time it would address a group of people as "you", he would change it in his head to "ya'll" and asked me, "I wonder what is the ancient Greek word for ya'll?"  We got silly with this one later and were saying things like "If ya'll don't change your ways, ya'll are going to be very sorry." 

So anyway, I think I'm adapting a little bit better to my oldest son being gone.  He's so happy and having so much fun and of course, we have the phone and email and Facebook. 

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