Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The verdict.

We've decided to use mom's schedule with a few modifications. My youngest wants me to put a space on the page at lunch, so he'll know when he's done with his morning section. The oldest wants time for guitar on Fridays. We decided to put 4 freebies (things we don't have to do) per week. Most of the time we save our freebies until Friday and have a shorter day, but sometimes we use them on a day we just don't feel good for whatever reason.

So here's my 9-year-olds version of our new lists.
1. Breakfast.
2. Brush teeth.
3. Chores. (These vary from day to day.)
4. Exercise 1 hour.
5. Spelling words (writing, alphabetizing, sentences)
6. Math review.


7. Unit study we all do together.
8. Geometry.
9. Daily grammar.
10. Art/game.
11. Reading.

I found some good spelling lists here.
I found some good daily math review here. \
I found these daily review grammar lessons here.
And here is the best place for art lessons.


Freakmom said...

Very good schedule. I like the compromises, quite reasonable requests.

I'm going to ask Violet if she wants to do more art and then use your link if she does. That's a great resource! Thanks!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing all those links.......I've saved them & plan to look them over more closely when I have time.

Donna said...

Thanks for posting those links, They look great!

Donna said...

We used the Joy Hakim books for American History and now we're doing a geography unit on the eastern hemisphere.

Donna, i sent you an email.
Hi there,
I didn't get the e-mail you sent me, When you get a free minute could you resend it.
Thank you!


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