Friday, March 21, 2008

The busy week goes on.

We've had a 4H field trip this week, the long trip to the doctor for my mom, Awana, game night, tween night (both at the library), skate night and multiple trips to Walmart and Kroger. Consequently, we've eaten out more than usual because we've been on the road so much. The house is a mess, I'm behind on my work. I tell you, weeks like this are not good for anybody.

I'll spend the next 2 days typing medical documents like a crazy woman, barely seeing the light of day and then hopefully, Easter Sunday, I can participate in some of the family events. Maybe.

Somewhere I read about a family that planned every single week to have 4 days at home, not going anywhere. They managed to cram everything into the remaining 3 days so that those 4 days they could relax. That kind of sounds nice, although I don't think I could do all I need to do in 3 days. Maybe one day of relaxation a week ... hmmm. Seems like I may have heard of that concept someplace before.

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