Thursday, March 06, 2008

A different schedule?

Today, we did the schedule/plan that my oldest son wrote. He did a nice job, typing it on the computer and everything. The only thing is, he didn't write a list for me, only for his siblings, so I only really participated in the last part of the list. Again, I'm not sure what kinds of changes he made to the kid's schedules. We'll have to discuss this and see what kind of changes to the schedule that they feel are important. Tomorrow, we are supposed to do a schedule that my youngest will write. I don't think he's written it yet. I kind of wonder if he'll make an actual attempt to do a good job or just declare a field day or something. It is supposed to snow maybe tomorrow, so perhaps we will have a snow day. Probably not, though. We need the days and I think it is supposed to snow later in the day, after school.

We've been working on the unit study on the middle east a little and today we talked about Egypt and the Coptic people and their art. (I'm learning a lot too). That discussion lead to our own artwork and a long session of painting out on the deck in the sunshine. It's going to be weird to have such a change in weather by tomorrow. I guess that's March for you.

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Amy said...'ll have to share some of your art work with us! I'd love to see!!


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