Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Okay, I wrote the perfect schedule.

Mom's Schedule
Mom gets up at 7:00 am, eats breakfast and cleans the house.
Starts work at 8:30 and finishes by 12:00.
Eat lunch (which she prepared in the crock pot earlier).
All exercise together/long walk/biking in the sunshine.
Unit study.

Kids Schedule.
Get up at least by 9:00
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth
Clean house (it always needs more cleaning).
Do math with Dad. (Oldest works on algebra 1 on his own. If he needs help, he can ask Dad.)
Work on grammar, spelling writing worksheets, working independently. (Oldest does computer and studies American History for CLEP test and practices guitar.) They do all of this with no whining.
Eat lunch.
Long walk/bike ride.
Unit study.

The main thing about this schedule is that Mom has no exposure to math (Yay!) and the kids work independently on some subjects, something that the younger 2 never do. Trouble is, I can write them, but I can't follow them. I'd be making excuses and not getting my work done. It's also quite possible that I'd be one of the ones whining.


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Freakmom said...

I hope it works!


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