Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Changing things around.

We do this every little while in our school. We change things around, add things in, do things at a different time of day, etc. Normally, I do it, but this time, the kids want to get involved. Each child is going to come up with a school schedule for us to follow. We'll do my oldest son's schedule tomorrow, my daughter's plan on Thursday and my youngest son's on Friday. I might even revise my schedule plan and present it on Monday. Then, we'll vote for our favorite. I'm not sure if we'll actualy adopt one and use it or not, but it's interesting. I'm toying with the idea of block scheduling. I liked doing a large amount of history on each day and wonder about scheduling our unit study 2 afternoons a week, math on 2 other days and science on the fifth day. I don't know. We've been on our quest for the perfect schedule for how many years now? 3 1/2 I think. Yes, of course I know there's no perfection, but that shouldn't keep us from striving for doing better should it? I don't know. I waver between striving and just giving up. ;-)

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