Monday, November 16, 2015

Talking about weird stuff.

When you have young people around, there always seem to be conversations about what superpower you would want to have if you could only choose one  (for me, it's instant travel anywhere I want to go) and if you could be half human, half animal what animal would it be?  (Bear, obviously, they eat all summer and sleep all winter!)    Often, the conversation comes up about what we would choose to eat if we were on death row and choosing our last meal.  For us gluten free peoples, Krispy Kremes is always #1, followed by things like dinner rolls, biscuits and gravy and pizza with cheese in the crust.  The other night, we were watching Hart of Dixie and the character on that show was trying to think what to say on a first date and came up with the death row dinner question, then she took it one further ... what would you have done to get on death row.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  I said that I would have killed Bridget and Racheal from Cardholder Services.  We get at least one of those scam calls every day, usually when I am feeling really bad or taking a nap.  :-P

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