Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Time!

This week, I don't have any doctors appointments, no 4H meetings and nothing on my schedule except work and family time.  Our oldest son has been home since Saturday and we are thoroughly enjoying spending time as a family.  We've been playing board games and on the WiiU that my youngest son bought himself in a pre-black Friday event and mostly talking, talking, talking.  All the messaging in the world just doesn't take the place of talking in person.  Phones come closer, but we are not phone kind of people.  :-)   We have done something similar to Skype in the past and that was fun, but out internet is not the best as supporting that, because it's slow.

Our son's sweet girlfriend did not get to visit this time and we miss her, since we've already become attached but she will get to come back with him for Christmas.

Today is my day off work, so I am off to run some errands and do a little bit of pre-Thanksgiving shopping!

Homeschooling is out for the week because it's always out when our oldest is home, for maximum family time.

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