Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feeling stressed.

I'm stressed about big things and little things; mom's house, mom's rent and all the stuff that goes into elder care, the impending visit with my son and his girlfriend (though I love them and can't wait), the conflicts between our dogs, the wasps that are haunting our back door and won't go away despite taking aggressive measures and spraying them with cans of wasp and hornet spray, my job,  my messy house, the pain in my hand, which I am really starting to think must be broken.  I did call and ask for a referral to an orthopedist today.  I'm even stressed because VBS is this week and my kids are helpers which means that I had to take the garbage down by myself and that set my hand to throbbing.  I'm not stressed about homeschooling because I don't stress about that anymore.  This is the last year and I'm kind of sad about it and maybe sad is a kind of stressed ... but we haven't started even planning homeschooling this year other than buying an engineering DVD course and planning to continue German on Duolingo. (which we recommend, by the way).    When things just keep going on and on and on like this (remember, we've been dealing with mom's alzheimers for 10 years and trying to sell her house for almost a year now) I really feel that I understand phrases like 'the straw that broke the camel's back, how it could be a silly thing like being out of chocolate that can just send you over the edge.

I can't take the Gilmore Girls advice and wallow because I don't have time but maybe Gilmore Girls will come from Netflix and I can at least escape reality for a bit while watching it.  We've just discovered it and are all really enjoying it.  

It occurs to me too.


Robyn Dolan said...

I feel you. Have been dealing with my dad's early stages of dementia for 2 years now. Homeschooling #4 for a few more years, still. Also helping care for his other gpa with dementia. It's a crazy stage of life, trying to help them keep their dignity, getting our children ready to deal with life and trying to keep ourselves sane. Hope keeps us going, and faith.

Fatcat said...

Yes, hope and faith are helping me hang in there too. It's not easy but it is meaningful, taking care of others.


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