Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Rescue.

Yesterday I went to see mom and we worked on our afghans.  I managed to hide my fear and distress over her financial situation and we talked about this and that.  She remembered my aunt's birthday party, so that was good.  When I came home, I was greeted with the news that Piper was missing.  My first thought was "I didn't do it."  I've never been a Piper fan.  We had a rule in our house, that was 'no puppies" and I meant to stick to it, but my husband and kids overruled me, ignored my objections and brought this *&^% puppy home anyway.  She then proceeeded to chew up every single thing that we had outside, including the pool filter, which did not endear her to me at all and lately, she's been viciously attacking Freckles who is the only dog smaller than her.  I have been thinking about listing her with a courtesy re-homing service run by the humane society, but who would want her, really?; she chews, she is aggressive towards other dogs (not people), she's not house trained.  Sigh.  Anyway, I didn't take her on a long, one way drive though I have thought about it.  I'm good to her and pet her and talk to her, even though I really wish she would go live with a different family.

Last night, when we were going to take Freckles out for the last time, we looked for Piper as usual because she has to be restrained while Freckles is out.  (This is really annoying to have to do several times a day although the kids do most of it.)  We couldn't find Piper so I decided to take Freckles out the back door as usual and just watch her in case Piper showed up.  When we got out there, I called for Piper and heard thump, thump, thump and then a high pitched whine.  She was under the deck and apparently stuck and the thumps were her wagging her tail when I called her.   After trying to entice her out with treats, my husband finally realized what she was stuck on and released her so she could come out.  Anyway, we had a tiny adventure but everything is back to normal now.

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Robyn Dolan said...

Lol. I can relate to the kind of love/not love feelings. My son's cat likes to make constant mischief, then purrs and falls asleep on my feet. Glad your pup was all right. Animals age and usually settle down with the bad habits.


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