Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A few things this week.

The beginning of this week has been rather uneventful I guess, as I wait for things.  I love waiting.  


Anyway, I'm waiting for mom's house to sell and for my 2 co-persons in this enterprise to decide wheter to take the estimate that I got and repair the house.  Meanwhile, I'm doing everythign that I can to market it myself, mostly on Facebook.  I'm also waiting for my hand to heal up from where I fell on it last week.  Not fun.  It feels okay for a while and then I forget about it and do things like actually try to use it and it hurts.  The things I try to use it for include driving, crocheting (holding the yarn), opening things, holding the sketchbook when I draw and typing, which I do for a living.  So, it's pretty often that it hurts. :-(  

Also this week I printed out my very last Letter of Intent to Homeschool, as youngest son is going to be a senior.  Can't believe it!  Cannot process.  

Enough about that.  For your viewing, uh, pleasure, I've uploaded some lovely photos from my phone, a lovely collection.  
A dragonfly on a chair.  My son took about 12 pictures, identical to this one, but maybe with the dragonfly's wings in slightly different positions.  I'll only share the one.  
A box we had used to move things out of mom's house that we only noticed this week has Cosmo's name on it.  A couple of it thought it said Cosmo Proof (like that could exist!) but it says prof.  I have no idea what that means but found it interesting.

And now here at two pictures of Cosmo, the goofy dog that he is.  He's making himself right at home.  

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