Friday, March 27, 2015

School and letting go.

Youngest son and I were talking about school yesterday.  He says that he thinks Wednesday is his best day of school because on Monday and Tuesday he's resenting that he's back in school for the week, kind of and then Wednesday he's into it and then Thursday comes and he starts thinking about the coming weekend ....  It's funny because to me, what he does on the weekend and what he does during the week look a lot the same.  He spends a lot of time sitting in front of his computer with frequent breaks to go outside and walk in the woods, but what he has in front of him on the computer makes all the difference I guess and on the weekends, it's not geometry.  :-)

I understand because as someone who works at home, what I do on my weekend (which is actually Sunday and Monday) doesn't look that different, I'm sure to the other days.  I spend quite a bit of time at my computer with breaks getting up to cook and clean and do all of the homemaker tasks I do but on Sunday and Monday, it feels WONDERFUL not to have to medical transcription.  When I sign out Saturday at noon and have 2 whole days before I have to sign back in, it's a glorious feeling.  

With the girl who has graduated and is 18, I am trying to figure out how our new relationship should go.  I guess maybe our family of late bloomers needs a little time after school to prepare to launch and I guess I am okay with it.  When my oldest was in this phase, after high school graduation, he took a year before starting college because he was not sure if he wanted to go to college.  he was looking for a job during that time and finally found one in April of that year and then went off to college the following August. He was 19 when we dropped him off at school, but he turned 20 soon after.  He'll be 23 when he graduates.  I don't remember requiring any specific chores out of him that year.  I did keep checking back with him on how the job search was going.  So I am trying to remember that and give her some space.  She is in her room a lot working hard on her book.  When it gets published I want to go on her world-wide publicity tour with her.  It sure is something trying to be a parent to adults.  New territory.  

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