Sunday, March 22, 2015

"I see yarn!"

I have been planning Easter presents this week.  Since we had kids, I've always gotten them an Easter basket with some candy and one non-candy gift.  So this year, I ordered gifts for the boys from Amazon and I went to Hobby Lobby last night to get the gift for the girl.  She's gotten into the scrap-ghan craze and is doing her own version of a scrap-ghan and a couple of days ago she commented that we should go to Hobby Lobby and get a whole bunch of the "I love this Yarn" (which she didn't expect to love and totally does) in all kinds of different colors that we don't have to make the scrap-ghans more interesting.  It kind of gets away from the scrap-ghan concept, but when you are working on the fourth one, your scrap pile tends to get a bit limited in color choices.  So anyway, after visiting mom, I went to Hobby Lobby and got 7 skeins of different colors like mango and buttercup and some purples and blues.  I put them in the back seat of the car, thinking that when I got home, I'd have to ascertain her position in the house and then sneak them in, so I come up the driveway and guess where she is?  Standing on the retaining wall that borders my parking space!  As soon as I opened the door of the car, she said "I see yarn"!  So no Easter surprise ... just a really good Saturday for the scrap-ghan crafters.   She did at least 12 rows on hers last night!

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