Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting back to normalish.

Oldest son has gone back to college and youngest son is doing school today, so I guess we're back to this year's normal.  Oldest son is a junior in college.  Youngest son is a junior in home school high school.  Daughter has graduated and is working on a novel.  I am still a medical transcriptionist (at the moment) but looking hard for another way to make a living.  I may have to have surgery again next week so this may not be the best time to look for another job but I am anyway.   Husband still, thankfully, has a good job.

Spring seems like it might come soon, it's been warm and rainy and occasionally a little bit sunny this week and my thoughts are starting to turn to gardening a little bit.  I want to go to my mom's old house before it sells and dig up some of her flowerbeds.  She has such a green thumb that I am hoping that some of them will still have her leftover magic on them and grow for me, though my thumb is brown, apparently.  :-)

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