Monday, March 09, 2015

Monday blahs.

It's a Monday and my day off work.  I have a lot to do; cooking,
cleaning, dishes, fun things like that.  I also have to call and try to get mom's glasses replaced and change a doctor's appointment for me since I have 2 on the same day in different towns.

My oldest son was supposed to come home this week for spring break but he got up not feeling well on the day he was supposed to drive 9 hours home, and didn't feel like coming.  So right now we are in the waiting phase to see if he feels better by tomorrow and feels like making the drive.  If not, we'll see him sometime this summer.  He has secured a job there for the summer so he won't be home the whole summer like he was last year.  It's hard on mamas when their kids just grow up like that.  (Dad and siblings too.)

I'm trying to hang in here.

Youngest son is still getting up early and being an exemplary homeschooler, getting all of his school work done early in the day instead of procrastinating about it until midnight on Friday, committing himself to the Early to bed, early to rise paradigm.

The girl is working very hard on her book.  The only trouble with that, is that the only time her creative juices get flowing is about 4:00 a.m. so the rest of us don't see much of her.  We don't like this because we like her and want to spend time with her, but she's very, very prickly about it so for now, at least I am going to hands-off-parenting-adult-children mode.

I went to see my mom yesterday.  She's doing okay and has friends in this new place, but even thought it's been 9 months that she's been there, every time I go see her, she thinks that she just got there today and doesn't realize that she's going to be staying there overnight.  Then, when she inevitably asks if I will be taking her home and I say no, this is her assisted living, then we have to go through the painful 'why can't I go home?" questions and the "how will I get my clothes" and "who's living in my house? questions and it leaves me emotionally and physically exhausted.

So, needless to say, I have been doing a lot of art journaling.  My therapy.  Thank goodness I have found something that helps me deal with being in the sandwich generation.

Also, Words with Friends helps.

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