Thursday, October 02, 2014

No surgery but ...

I went ahead and took my day off with pay.  I went to mom's house and cleaned for a while, came home and made lunch and then headed out to go car shopping.  The plan was to go car shopping and then see mom, but after hours and hours of dealing with the traffic while car shopping in the heat, we found ourselves at nearly 7:00 p.m. about 45 minutes from home and about 40 minutes from where mom lives (which is also about 45 minutes from home).  If we had went to see her, we would have not been able to stay very long at all, since my husband needed to go to bed early, for work today, so we decided to come on home and procrastinate seeing mom until today.  We found a couple of vehicles I liked but we did not have universal family agreement on anything.  :-(  

After we finally got home, the kids and I went to mom's house to clear out some garbage bags and bring them to our house for garbage pickup this morning and then my son did school work until midnight.  We would not have made him do that, since we wanted him to go car shopping with us, but his sister, the assistant (really main, in charge) teacher said that he was behind because the day before he had goofed off all day, so if he didn't finish school work from the day before he would be grounded from all screens.  So we skipped reading our book last night.

Yes, we are still doing read alouds every night before bed, a tradition we started soon after the oldest son was born 22 years ago.  Every night, either I read, my daughter reads or we listen to an audiobook before bed.  Right now we are listening to the Septimus Heap .  My daughter is 18, my youngest is 16.  I don't know how long this tradition is going to go on, but I'd personally like to adopt a couple more kids and just do it forever.  :-)   Books make life better.

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