Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Art journal page, experimenting with color.
I might have a small surgery tomorrow.  The details are kind of driving me a little bit crazy.  I have to get not a surgical clearance now, but a cardiac clearance.  I have an appointment with my doctor today to see if she can give me that, otherwise, my surgery will have to be postponed.  It's crazy because I've already taken off work, my husband is on standby, as to whether he has to take off work.  It's frustrating but in a way, I will kind of be glad to put it off a bit.  I always, always hope that next week, next month, whatever, will be less of a stressful time.

I'm generally wrong about that, but I keep hoping.

UPDATE:   No surgery until I see a cardiologist.

Hey, things could happen and I could have a wonderfully stress free week.

A girl can hope.

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