Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday with the Homeschool Group.

We had 4H yesterday and since we are doing a financial unit, the assignment was for 3 teams of kids with moms to go to different grocery stores and write down prices for basic necessities and then see which grocery store was the least expensive.  The items were things like rice, milk, spaghetti, canned vegetables, fresh produce, potatoes, etc.  In our town, the stores were Kroger, Walmart and Save-A-Lot.  Kroger had the best prices on 4 items, Walmart on 3 and Save-A-Lot had the best prices on 21 of the items.  They had ground beef for 2.99 and canned goods for 45 cents.  It looks like we might all be shopping there next week.  I wonder if the Kroger gas incentives offset those savings?  Someone needs to do some math.  :-P   Also, Kroger has those coupons they send sometimes for 15 dollars off a 150 dollar purchase and sometimes they have double gas points on the weekends ... I'm sure they make it this confusing on purpose.  :-(    I do know that Walmart is cheaper on Chex cereal and the whole foods near where my husband works has the gluten free bread for almost a dollar less and the salvage store is really inexpensive but doesn't always have things we can use ... but I don't really have time and it wouldn't save money anyway if I drove all over the countryside looking for bargains.  Yes, there is probably an app for that, but I don't have it on my non-smart phone.  I do have a pretty good head for remembering numbers so I know about what I have been paying for most groceries and can at least recognize a lower price when I see it.  That may just have to be enough.  Just doing the best I can here.

After 4H, we went to dinner at our friend's house and then we had our moms Monday night bible study.  We didn't get home until pretty late, listened to our book and then went to bed.

It's going to be a busy week because we are really going to be working on my mom's house this week.  I am not looking forward to that.  :-(

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