Monday, December 05, 2011

Still busy.

Today is no exception.  I've got 2 errands to run this afternoon after work and so I'm trying very, very hard to get done with work quickly.  I am trying very hard to get into the Christmas spirit and not just feel like celebrating Christmas means more work.  :-/  I went to American Greetings website and discovered that they have free printable photo Christmas cards.  This might be helpful to someone.  Here's the link. We have a black and white laser printer, so I don't think I'll use them myself.  I've also been going to Amazon and downloading the free MP3 Christmas songs, although so far, I nothing's been too exciting there either.  I think maybe it's just me though.  I did go to Walmart last night and buy 2 gifts for the 4H kids whose names we drew.  I've still got 1 to go but he's a 14 year old boy that I barely know and I probably will get him a gift card.  I hate to do gift cards, but sometimes they just are the best thing.  I've been going through and writing all the family get-togethers in my calendar.  Two of them have been pushed to January this year and I'm fine with that.  Spread it out a little.  Give me a little time to breathe.

In.  Out.  In.  Out.

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