Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally, a homeschooling post!

I have mentioned that my youngest son has some trouble with spelling.  He's extremely smart and creative and just like a lot of smart, creative boys, he has trouble with spelling and writing.  He reads well, so it's not dyslexia.  I think he would be categorized as having dysgraphia and I don't know what the spelling issue is called, maybe dys-spell-ia?  Anyway.   Over the years we've tried various strategies to help him compensate.  He's learning to type.  He's working on writing in cursive because some people say it is easier.  We enrolled him in occupational therapy last year for 3 or 4 months until the therapist said that she had done all she could.  We've tried Sequential Spelling which worked very well for my daughter, but did not work for him (although it is something we may come back to at some point) and we tried All About Spelling.  Then, I read this article on Dianne Craft's website and I have been using her method since August and IT IS WORKING! 


Amy said...

Very Interesting. I bookmarked her site so I can check it out more later. Thanks for sharing!!

Freakmom said...

Huh, that is so kooky it just might work. Thanks for posting. I may have Violet give it a try.

Gidget said...

Thank you or reminding me about Dianne's site! I have 2 right brained kids and we used to have the oldest spell things forward and backward while closing her eyes - I need to get back to it with the youngest.

So glad you've found something that's working - it definitely worked with our oldest!


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