Thursday, December 08, 2011

La, La, La, La Hula Hoop ....

I've been trying, ever since I moved my work computer back home to find a spot for it.  If I have it in the periphery of the house, the wireless network is spotty and that interferes with work (that makes it sound like our house is huge, but it's not!) so right now I am connected by a cable to the network which allows me to connect to the internet and therefore allows me to work.  It's complicated and I am thankful we have our own in-house technical support here because I am not fond of calling the guys at work and asking for help.  So anyway, right now it's my day off, but I'm trying to Christmas shop and blog and check out facebook and I am sitting right between my 2 youngest kids who are doing algebra.  Unfortunately, both of them are humming the chipmunks Christmas song.  :-P and it's very hard to Christmas shop with the Christmas shop-ees sitting so close.
I really have only barely started Christmas shopping and I am kind of in panic mode about it because it's the 8th!  One of my sons is going to be really easy this year, one is going to be just about the same as always (a little hard to buy for considering I don't know a lot about video game systems) and the girl is going to be downright impossible unless her Dad decides that she can actually have a puppy.  We have 3 dogs already so I kind of don't think he's going to. If we do, I can buy one of the mugs from my store, pictured here.  :-)

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Gidget said...

If it makes you feel any better, we haven't started Christmas shopping either. It's usually not too terribly hard because they only get 3 gifts each - BUT, we are in a similar situation with the puppy thing. Both kids desperately want a dog, but as you read, we are drowning so I'm not comfortable taking on another responsibility :(

You're doing great pressing on even with them singing Christmas carols - afraid my habit would be to drop school and dance around singing LOL


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