Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday fun.

Just for fun, Google "Let It Snow", "Christmas Lights", "Hanukkah" or "Santa Claus".  Other fun ones are "Do a Barrel Roll" and "Askew".    Also, just for fun, visit the Snowflake Bentley site and look at close up pictures of real snowflakes like the one above.  These are very cool.   Also, if you didn't get enough video games for Christmas, go to Amazon and download this one for free and while you're there, you can take a look at the 25 days of free Mp3s that they've done for Christmas this year.  I got some that I liked and some I deleted after downloading. 

We're just lazing it up this week, although yesterday my daughter and I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to, as she says, "do something useful" so briefly, we worked on the house and then went back to our busy schedule of board games, video games, eating junk food and watching movies.  When the book I ordered for myself for Christmas comes I'm just going to sit down and read it ... with no guilt for the messy house. 

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Jackie said...

The Snowflake Bently site is awesome. The beauty of snowflakes is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie--One mom who lives the definition of eclectic homeschooling.


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