Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pulling it together?

Me, before the Christmas concert.

Me, during the Christmas concert.

I may be pulling in together.  Last night, the kids and I went to see Matthew West and Mandisa in a Christmas concert and I think it may have pulled me out of my grinchy mood at least during the actual concert.  We'll see whether is lasts or not.  I am determined to do a bunch more shopping online this evening.  Once that onerous task is done, I always feel better.   My older 2 kids don't want much of anything and my younger one wants everything basically, so this year, he will get more than they get.  I talked to them last night about it and they are fine with it.   They know that they've had years in the past, where I spent more on them.  We try and spend approximately the same amount each year on each of them, but sometimes it is a little unbalanced.   Oh well.

There may be hope for me yet.

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Amy said...

Oh, I'm jealous.....I'd LOVE to see Mandisa! She was here at Liberty a few years ago for the Extraordinary Women's Conference....but I didn't get to go. They always have awesome speakers & singers. The high-light this year was Sarah Palin.


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