Saturday, November 26, 2016


Thanksgiving sandwich.   Yes, it does have a moist maker.  :-)
We had a great Thanksgiving. Our oldest son,, his girlfriend and her parents came Wednesday night and left this morning.  while they were here, we had 2 Thanksgiving meals and lots of leftovers, played a bunch of games and got to know each other a bit.   It was great.   We had so much fun and shared so many good times, it was hard to pack it all into just a couple of days.   Everyone was tired, but it was like vacation, you get exhausted but you feel like it is worth it.  

My family camped out in the living room last night due to my daughter's bedroom being used by my son's girlfriend, my youngest son having to share with my oldest son and not being able to sleep in the new again bunk bed with someone else moving around and making the bed squeak and my husband needed to sleep in the recliner because he had fallen and bruised his ribs.  

Dinner the first night was at a completely gluten free restaurant, Wheatless in Bowling Green, Ky.  

Sweet potato pie.   Yum.  

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