Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Big Changes.

In addition to the tiny home improvements I'm doing, all together as a family, we're doing some big rearranging.  Sixteen years ago, my husband built a triple bunk bed for our youngest son and put it in our room.  The plan was to move it to the boys room in the future and use it for both boys.  We did intend to do it while they were still children, but we didn't, so we're doing it now.  It was so big and unwieldy that it had to be completely disassembled to be moved and so far, it's taken 2 days, but tonight, we are hopeful that it will be done!  We had been using it for storage in my room and when we moved a lot of mom's stuff out of her house, it was stored in it as a humongous storage unit.  So I have been working for a long time now, cleaning out my closet and then cleaning out the bunk and putting anything we were keeping in my closet and now I have an organized closet (mostly) and we have our big bedroom back ... but not for long.  My husband's office is going to come in here, giving us our large living room back ...,  The whole house is going to seem so much more spacious.  I'm excited.  I'll try and share pictures later.  :-)  Meanwhile some random pictures.
Pumpkins etc. at the fall festival at church.
A van we saw at Walmart.  My son said  "It's unusual to find a car asking to be washed, speaking in the first person plural."  (It says "wash we please").

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