Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bathroom reveal.

Our bathroom is painted and has a new shower curtain.  Originally when we moved in our whole house was builder's flat white paint and I was pregnant with the youngest when we moved and was very soon afterwards put on bed rest and then I had 3 kids aged 5 and under and then when the baby was 10 months old my husband lost his job and we couldn't afford very many home improvements.  At some point, I used some leftover lavender paint from my daughter's room and gave the bathroom a coat of paint.  Then later, I stenciled some words on it;  hope, love, etc.   Then a couple of years ago when my son brought home 2 friends for spring break, one of them put up signs underneath my words that made it say things like love hurts and hope floats.  I thought it was funny and left them up.  But finally, I had enough.  We went to Lowe's and got some paint.  It's a little bit more green than we thought it was going to be, but I like it.  The shower curtain just made it, in my opinion.  So here it is, our less than 40 dollar bathroom makeover.

It needs the bath mat smoothed out a little and the hamper has a lot of laundry in it, but I don't feel great today, so this picture will have to do.  :-)

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