Monday, February 01, 2016

The other diet.

I have been (when I remember) on the tiny bowl diet and at first I was doing really well, but lately, I have been forgetting and using regular big bowls and plates and I don't want to step on the scale and see, but I don't think I've been doing all that well.  Maybe I will make some signs for my kitchen to remind me.  The kids are wanting to have a friend over this week, so I may wait until after that so she won't see my silly tiny bowl signs.  :-)

The other "diet" I am going on is a money diet.  I am going to try to not spend extraneous money at Walmart, Target, Michael's and Hobby Lobby from my husband's birthday until my birthday, which is in 3 months.  We'll see how it goes.  So far, pretty good, except I guess Cosmo found out about how I was trying not to spend money and he got a double ear infection and had to go to the vet.  So that was 73.00.  :-(
Still, I think I can save our family some money.  I don't think it's the things I go in to buy that are the problem, markers, sketchbooks and yarn are pretty cheap, but when we go to Walmart, we almost always come out with some gluten free bread and cookies and some Anytizers for my youngest son and it goes on and on and we end up spending 40 dollars or some crazy amount.  So I am just staying out of there for now.

I have ruled out all but emergency trips and they will be conducted alone.  Emergencies at Walmart could include shower gel, underwear and sketchbooks.  I can get by without new markers but for my mental health, sketchbooks are a necessity.  :-)

In other news, we are thinking about having the kids take the ACT again,  thinking of getting my youngest son evaluated for his dysgraphia so that he can get accommodations in college, thinking about the FAFSA and the wisdom teeth removal.  Don't those all sound like so much fun?

On the fun side, we are tentatively planning a vacation to visit my oldest in Mississippi this summer and we are looking forward to all the 4H groups this spring and planning to start a board game hangout group for the kids since they love games so much.   Our youngest is graduating from home school this year!!!

I've almost finished the last of my Christmas books.  My brother gave me a Barnes and Nobel gift card for Christmas and I bought 5 books with it!    I love it!  I have had so much fun reading them.

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