Friday, February 05, 2016

So yesterday ...

I took my son to his robotics 4H class and while he was there, I went to the library and asked for a job application for my daughter.  they are not hiring right now, but they gave me an application and the librarian and I started talking about a college grant opportunity that is available here in our community.  I got excited about it, but was unable to communicate that excitement to my daughter, who does not want to go to college.  I will keep working on it.  :-)

Afterwards, I picked up my son and we actually had this conversation.

Me:  "Should we go to the grocery and get everything for the week or just run in and get the garbage bags?"

Son:  "Let's just get it all."

Me:   "Okay."

An hour later, at home, we realized we forgot the garbage bags.

On the way home we took this picture of the sunset.  It was much prettier in real life.  

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