Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some good stuff.

We had our board game meetup with some of the kids from our new homeschool group the other day and it was great.  We had 11 kids show up, including my 2.  My girl was the only girl, but she does not mind just hanging out with the guys.  She wore her shirt that says "I never got my Hogwarts letter, so I'm leaving the shire to become a Jedi" and with this shirt, I think she won the undying love/admiration of one of the boys there.  Unfortunately, he was only around 10 years old.  Oh well.  The kids all had a great time and we are doing that again in a couple of weeks.

Also, in other good news, my daughter and I are going to start selling some of our creations at a local store that showcases local artists and crafters.  We will have to work in the store 2 days a month and my daughter is going to do it for us, which is awesome.  She's been very shy about getting a job, but this she believes she can do since she has experience at the 4H sales.  Even if we don't make any money at all, it will be worth it for her to get out there and gain some confidence in her abilities.

Thirdly, the tornadoes that hit down south last night did not hit my son or his girlfriend and other friends there.  I worried about that a bit overnight.   We only had rain here, (unless I slept through it) thank goodness.

Last night, my youngest son had cooking class at 4H and learned to dice vegetables properly and they made salsa.  When we came home and told my daughter about it, she said "You minced!"  :-)  Tomorrow, we have another 4H club in which the focus is to be future careers.

Having these kinds of activities  with my kids helps me as I try to deal with my mom's continued decline from Alzheimer's disease.  Being a caregiver, even if you are not doing primary care-giving and your loved one is in a facility, is draining to the soul and spirit.  It helps to have something to look forward to and some tiny victories along the way.  I am glad that I am caregiving and raising kids at the same time, because I can't imagine this life without the brightness my kids provide.

Whew, getting deep today.

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