Monday, January 18, 2016

Test scores.

I'm not a huge fan of testing, it can't show how creative someone is, or how much of an out of the box thinker they are, but we did make our kids take the ACT.  Our oldest got what is an apparently average score and is doing fine in college, our middle child got also an average score but does not know if she wants to go to college.  She wants to be a writer and has already started her first book, so she's not sure it is necessary.  I'm not either.  I have a bachelor's degree I don't use and a medical transcription diploma from a trade school that I do use, so I am not the best judge.  I have applied for a couple of jobs that require my bachelor's degree in the past year, but I have not even made it to the interview on either of them.  I think that the fact that the degree is nearly 30 years old has something to do with it.   My youngest son is thinking about being an engineer, I think primarily because that's where he thinks the money is.  He is also thinking about becoming a land baron and making money in real estate.  His interests, however, are in reading and literature.  My little late bloomer who did not read until he was 10, got a 33 in reading on his ACT.  I am so proud!  He also scored high enough to get into his top 2 college choices, but not enough to win automatic scholarships or anything, so he will probably take it again.

In other news around here, I have been having a kind of a worry crisis since last week about something to do with mom's VA application and medicaid eligibility and I haven't been able to enjoy anything much or think about anything else and I won't know how this is going to turn out for a while, so I'd appreciate prayers, prayers, prayers if you all don't mind.

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