Monday, January 04, 2016

Still celebrating.

My son and his girlfriend are still here and we are having a nice visit.  We had holiday parties both days of the weekend, so we were very busy.  Also on Friday, we all packed up and moved my mom from one assisted living facility to another.   It was emotionally hard, but with all 7 of us doing the moving, it was not as physically hard as last time.  I was working on my mom's closet, trying to consolidate her wardrobe into half the space she'd had previously and trying to weed out the smaller clothes, which have been too tight lately and when I finished and turned around, my kids and my husband had set up mom's room and arranged everything perfectly, in about 15 minutes.  When mom looked in, she said, "This looks like my place."  It was awesome.   Today is our last day of busy-busy-business and then for the next few days of their visit, we'll probably just lie around watching TV.  :-P

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