Sunday, January 10, 2016

Going back to normal.

It snowed today.  
My son and his girlfriend drove back to Mississippi the day before yesterday.  We miss them and now we are trying to get back to our normal routine.  Also, since it's January, which is a time of new beginnings, I'm looking at dieting and exercising and decluttering ... the usual.  The youngest will be starting back with his school work on Monday and we'll need to file the FAFSA for him and work on his transcript a little a lot and we'll just get on with life.

Mom's in a new place and that seems to be going okay.  She's having a little trouble because we had a little trouble getting her medicines transferred and she had to be without some of them for a few days.  Once she gets back on track, it will be better.  She has not seemed to have any emotional issues with moving.  She seems to be taking that part of it in stride.   I hope that it works out.  It's scary making a move like that with an Alzheimer's patient.  
My mom's new assisted living served maple bacon cookies the other day.  :-)

So anyway, this is life, teenagers getting ready to launch and young adults launching and taking care of our elderly family members.  It's not for wimps, yet there is enjoyment along the way.

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