Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowing! 2015

It is really, really, really snowing here.  The weather forecasts say that we may get 15 inches of snow. I think it's fun for many reasons.

  • It's beautiful and it's unusual.  We almost never get that kind of a snowfall, usually an inch or less. I'm cooped up in the house with some very nice people.  
  • The electricity is still on.  
  • I work at home and also, I don't have to work today. (!)
  • I know that Mom is being taken care of and I don't have to worry about her being alone in her house.
  • I have a new afghan I just started and plenty of art journaling supplies.   
  • Though I don't like to get out in it a whole lot, I like to watch the kids have fun.  
This weekend we've done all kinds of wintery weather fun indoor things.  We've watched Frozen and Leap Year, probably 2 of my favorite movies of all time and very appropriate for this time of year.  We've eaten Valentine chocolate and all kinds of crock pot veggie soup and we started playing Shanghai, a game of progressive rummy that I learned in childhood and haven't played for a long, long time.  It's been fun introducing the kids to it.  

Scraphgan 2 is finished and is now on Mom's bed at her assisted living facility.

The kids learned to write in Elvish runes yesterday.

It's so pretty!

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Amy said...

That is so cool to see the Elvish! My kids did that a while back too. ;-)


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