Sunday, February 08, 2015


The other day one of the rows of scrapghan 2 just came undone.  I am not sure how it happened because all of the threads were still there and both of them were still looped and looked crocheted, but they just weren't interlocking anymore.  I can't figure it out, but my daughter was able to fix it.  Working on this afghan with my mom has been a great thing for both of us.  It makes our visits together have a focus, other than what I have done today because she can't remember what she has done today.  :-(  It gives us something to talk about with each other and something to talk about with the other residents.  It is a homey activity which seems to make sitting in front of the fire at the assisted living center more homey to her, I hope, and it seems to relax her.  She seems less restless on our visits when she is crocheting.  I am glad that I picked up crocheting as a hobby.  I do a few rows at home because all I can do (still) is single crochet, then mom double crochets a row for me because all she can do is double crochet.  We're starting each row in a different color of yarn and leaving the string hanging on both the beginning and the end of the row for a side fringe.  :-)    It's cute as heck and it has been such a blessing.  Every time we pull it out to start working on it, people smile at how pretty it is.  :-)

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