Thursday, September 25, 2014

A funny from this week.

My daughter got her driver's permit a couple of weeks ago.  She is 18.  We inadvertently started a tradition when my older son broke his ankle and had to wait a long time to get his permit.  We took him in, finally, to get it a month or so before his 18th birthday and found that if we waited until he was actually 18, we could bypass some of Kentucky's laws regarding underage drivers, keeping logs of their driving and getting a statement from the school board to prove that they are home schooled, etc. so, we just waited and he got his license at 18.

So anyway, my daughter wanted to go to a local parking lot and practice for the first time.  She drove back and forth, around and around, practiced parking in some spaces and after about half an hour, I asked her if she'd like to drive home.  It's a mile and a half, back a little country road with not a lot of traffic, so we thought it would be okay.  She seemed to be getting the hang of it.  However, one thing that I had not considered and she had no idea about, was that the little country road has a lot of hills and this big old heavy car we're driving (Thelma) accelerates when you go down hills.  The first couple of downhills were pretty scary.  I was yelling "put on the brakes!" and "slow down!" as we were accelerating towards the ditch.

After we flattened out and things were calm again, my daughter expressed that she did not like me yelling at her.  I said "Honey, I'm not yelling because I'm mad at you, I'm yelling because I'm terrified!"  :-)

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