Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September zipping by.

It's already the 10th!  I've got my third IV iron infusion today.  I feel better, that is for sure and I am very thankful.  We got together with our peoples on Monday, then yesterday I went to see mom.  I also tried to go to a different assisted living facility to take a tour because they emailed me out of the blue (had my email from my searches in April) and their facility is 800 dollars a month less.  I don't want to move mom but that is a substantial amount of money, so I feel that I should at least take a look.  I couldn't find the place though.  I didn't print the driving directions that I looked up because there were only a couple of turns, but then it turned out that I couldn't find the first street to turn on, so I just went on down to see mom.  She's doing okay.  Her memory is just awful, which is the point of alzheimer's disease, I know, but it sure is hard to watch.  I have been reading a lot about Alzheimer's prevention and I am now trying to get some sun/vitamin D (also taking a supplement), exercise, drink wine and take an aspirin once a day.  I'm not a fan of wine so that is very much like swallowing a bad tasting medicine to me, but I read yesterday that people who drink in moderation do better, so I am going to do it.  :-)  I will probably develop a taste for it eventually.

The drawings, above are some experiments that I have been doing with some daisy - like flowers. The top one I did first and loved it before I colored it, and hated it after I colored it, so I then experimented with leaving the flowers white and coloring around them, which is what I did on the bottom one.  I like it so much better.

In homeschool news, its going well, with my daughter's help.  I have asked our library to get a book on spelling rules that may help  because I'd like to take a look at it before purchasing it.  If the library can't get it, I will contact the owner of a local homeschool consignment store and see if she can get it for me. If not, I may purchase it.  I have found over the years that I have been disappointed with some of my book purchases because it is really hard to judge a book by a thumbnail photo and sometimes even other peoples reviews are not helpful (although it's better with reviews than just buying blind).  Anyway, that's today, September 10th, 2014.  :-)

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