Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well then.

Today I didn't go to the assisted living center.   My brother was going to go but he had to work over and when he found out he couldn't, he asked his wonderful girlfriend to drop by and check on mom.  Before she got there, my mom called her sister and said that she didn't like it there and she just wanted to be home and have someone stay with her around the clock.  However, that would be 4 times as expensive as living in the assisted living facility and that's not even including groceries, heat, air, water, cable and phone, all of which she had to pay for at home and all but phone is included in the cost of the facility.  We just feel like we are in a lose/lose situation and I don't know what to do other than wait it out and hope that she finds a place there, finds friends there and settles in.  It's sad.  It's difficult.

In other news, since this is a homeschooling blog, I'll talk for a minute about homeschooling.  The kids, especially the boy, have been abusing their freedom and putting as much work off until Friday as possible.  I need them to help me get this house cleaned up before Thanksgiving.  I was wishing there was an extra day in the week because our crazy busy-ness is not letting up anytime soon.  I thought of a solution at last and came into the living room and made this announcement "Tomorrow is Friday."  It won't hurt them to cram a little tomorrow and get it done so Friday, we can get our clean on.   Saturday is a craft sale and that is the start of a busy, busy, busy week. 

Mom not being happy makes me not look forward to the holidays now.  Of course I'm always kind of grinchy this time of year, so really I should be surprised. 


Donna said...

Sorry sweety that things are going tough with your Mom! I had an experiance like yours - I had 2special ladies placed in a assisted living home and they hated it and called me to pick them back up, it hurt my heart but I didn't. I made them stay there awhile to give it a try. I prayed that they forgave me for not picking them up but they got used to it and actually liked it after awhile. It was real tough on all of us and very gut wrenching at times.
Hang in there!

Fatcat said...

Thanks for sharing the experience. I needed reassurance that she will settle in eventually. I pray that she does.

I can't comment on your blog - somethings messed up with the settings or something.


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